Luisa Santana

Luisa Santana is an entrepreneur from Extremadura with extensive experience in developing an active role in the business and social fabric of the region. She has been president of the Entity for the Preservation of the Industrial Estate Los Canos de Zafra; Vice-president of the Employers’ Association of Zafra, of which she is now President; Member of the Executive Committee of the Business Confederation of Badajoz (COEBA); Member of CREEX, and recently Counsellor of the Economic and Social Council of Extremadura and Counsellor of EXTRAVAL.

Her journey began as Head of customer service and inventory management in Almacenes Mar y Mar, S.A., and after several years, she joined SEGEDA in 1990 to direct the administrative and financial management of the company.

Founded in 1982 as an auxiliary company of Deutz Diter, SEGEDA began to manufacture machinery for quarries around 1990. In recent years, the company has boosted manufacturing drilling machinery with applications in civil engineering and mining, in addition to developing projects for other sectors.