For many years, our region has been committed to entrepreneurship and enterprise development as one of the pillars of its growth and convergence with other European regions. To this end, it has always considered the guidelines marked from Europe and has adapted them to its territory, which is characterised by being extensive and with strong rural presence. Its policies were of course inspired in the Small Business Act and the 2020 Entrepreneurship Action Plan, among many other references.

Therefore, Extremadura has built a real ecosystem to support entrepreneurship and enterprise, and the EER 17 framework is unmatched to enforce all these initiatives. Right now, we are focusing our action on four pillars, which are certainly a strong base to host the EER 17 celebration in our region: Territory-centred actions, Innovative projects, Customisation of services, and National and international connection.

Territory-centred actions
Innovative projects
Customisation of services
National and international connection