Extremadura: a place to believe in, a territory to crearte and a space where to grow

Welcome to Extremadura

A region to discover with the five senses

Entrepreneurship, creativity, imagination, history, gastronomy, culture, nature … Extremadura has much to share in the framework of the European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) award 2017.

Greeting from the President
What does the award entail?
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Strategic committee

An entrepreneurial region

Ecosystem for entrepreneurship and enterprise support

We put the necessary tools and experienced personnel at the disposal of entrepreneurs and companies to ensure their success, from the initial stages to their consolidation and internationalisation.

An entrepreneurial region
Strategy for the Smart Specialisation of Extremadura – RIS3

Emblem ambassadors and entrepreneurs

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Extremadura wants to share the EER17 award with entrepreneurs who make our region more competitive and present in more countries everyday.

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